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About Us

Bengal. A magical state. A place where culture thrives, where fascinating tales abound, where song and dance flourish. Where wandering minstrels weave enthralling melodies and talented wordsmiths enchant with their stories. Reflecting this vibrant cultural kaleidoscope that is Bengal is Sony AATH, a premium Bangla entertainment channel.


Ably encapsulating the culture, emotions and everyday life of the common man in Bengal, Sony AATH is more than just an entertainer that enthrals. It reflects the pulse of Bengal, reverberating with the soul of the audience, bringing families together with a wholesome dose of entertainment that appeals to all age groups.


Since 2009, Sony AATH has been living in the hearts of viewers of all age groups by presenting shows and movies from the heart of Bengal that are an eclectic mix of content that includes thrillers, fantasy, devotional tales and family animation.


A trailblazer all the way, Sony AATH has helped revolutionise Bangla entertainment by pioneering original Bangla family animation shows like Gopal Bhar, Nut-Boltu, Gulte Mama , Mahabharata and more. Reading the minds of people, it has brought them all the genres they crave - Thrillers (Aahat, CID, Crime Patrol, Adaalat, Tomar Meye Ki Kore), Family Animation series (Gopal Bhar, Gulte Mama, Panchatantrer Montro, NIX, Nut-Boltu, Paap-o-Meter), Devotional series (Mahabali Hanuman, Bignaharta Shree Ganesh) and Fantasy (Aladdin, Baalveer).


Capturing the ethos of Bengal and the hearts & minds of its people has been the priority at Sony AATH from day one and it has left no stone unturned to become every Bengal resident’s favourite channel. Ensuring that viewers in Bengal are also not deprived of masterpieces from the West, Sony AATH has given viewers the opportunity to watch Hollywood blockbuster movies in their own language. The love that has been showered on it by viewers is also reflected in the digital domain, with it emerging as the biggest Bangla Language channel on YouTube.


By showcasing content that appeals to and entertains the viewer in Bengal, Sony AATH has truly become an integral part of the fabric of life in Bengal – something it considers its greatest achievement.